Navajyothi Province, Olarikkara

Navajyothi Provincial House, Olarikkara, P.O. Pullazhi, Thrissur - 680012 Kerala, India
Phone: 0487 - 2365785, 2360044
Email :

Rev. Sr. Mercy Paul CHF (Provincial Superior), Sr. Jaisy John (Vicar Provincial), Sr. Ketty Bastin, Sr. Merly Mathew, Sr. Rincy Varghese (Councillors), Sr. Sheena Joseph (Auditor), Sr. Litsy Varghese (Tresurer), Sr. Ancy Maria (Secretary)

Province History

Olarikkara, its heritage endowed with natural beauty and cultural development, situates 4 K.M away from Thrissur. Navajyothi Provincial house stands in the centre part of Olarikkara . The parishioners of Olarikkara longed for establishing a convent and a school for their spiritual and cultural upliftment . Thus Little Flower Convent and school was established in the year 1976. When the Congregation was divided into 3 provinces; Thrissur, the Central region chose its headquarters at Olarikkara . Thus Navajyothi Provincial house was established in 1978. ‘Navajyothis ‘is the patron of province and also the convent. We celebrates Province’ Day on January 6th –the day of Epiphany. Navajyothi Provincial House is a three- storied building which consists of Administrative Block, Synaxis Hall, Counselling Centre, Library, Aspirants House, Convent block and a peaceful chapel. Sisters’ involvement in parish activities is enchanting and welcoming always. We do the services such as Charitable activities , family visits, Family meetings, Counseling services, Teaching, pastoral services etc. Our Parish priests , trustees, municipal councillors, ward members etc are always our good beneficiaries The Charism and Vision of the Foundress, Bl.Mariam Thressia are the core and the well spring of the identity of the Congregation of the Holy Family. She was born in an illustrious, but impoverished family at puthenchira in central Kerala in April 26 ,1876. God who chose her for a special mission allowed her to be tested and purified in the crucible sufferings. With a burning desire in her heart for the upliftment of families, Bl.Mariam Thressia founded the congregation of Holy Family. In order to get involved with more apostolic activities and for better administration, the congregation divided ino three provinces at first. Navajyothi Province is one of the provinces. On December 3rd 1978, the Navajyothi Province with its headquarters at Olarikkara began to radiate its flame in and around Thrissur Province. It extended far into North Indian Dioceses of Bhagalpur, Julander, Ranchi and Gorakpur. In 1985 Navajyothi carried its apostolic sprint to the low range of Kothamangalm Diocese also. Our Jyothi started radiating a light in the Dioceses of Kalyan in the year 1989. On February 11th 1992 our mission region was elevated into a Vice Province named Arunodhay Mission Vice Province. In Kerala it spread into the Archdiocese of Chenganassery. In order to radiate the divine love, peace and joy to the families at Vasai in Kalyan diocese, we founded the Holy Family Convent English Medium school and in 1989 it extended her activities to Bhuvaneswar and Balasore in Orissa State. When Navajyothi reached its silver Jubilee year a new shoot sprouted from the stem of Navajyothi. A new region started with its head quarters at Muvattupuzha which includes all the convents in Chenganassery and Kothamangalam Dioceses . Its declaration was done on December 18th 2002. In 2009 Navajyothi Region was elevated into Vice Province named Kripajyothi Province Muvattupuzha. At present Navajyothi Province has 424 sisters and 37 convents spreading in 27 parishes. 1) Direct family Apostolate Houses 2) Counseling centers3) home for the aged 4) Snehabhavans 5) Crushes 6) social welfare centers 7) Nursery schools 8) L.P, U.P and High Schools 9) College of Education(B.Ed) 10) Parellel colleges, 11) Counseling centers are her field of activities through which she cherishes the church, congregation and the society alike.

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